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Paper Journal

date » 16-06-2021 10:39

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Paper Journal. - Hot Zone, full article here.

FRESH EYES 2021 - GUP Magazine

date » 03-06-2021 17:46

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The third edition of FRESH EYES invites you to discover a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent. Powered by GUP Magazine, our expert jury has selected 150 new artists from a diverse array of backgrounds — freshly graduated photography students and autodidactic photographers among them — all of whom are making their first foray into the exciting world that is photography. Whether as a collector, curator, publisher, fellow artist, or simply a photography aficionado, FRESH EYES is sure to provide you a compelling, varied outlook on the state of affairs in contemporary photography today, through the eyes of this exciting new generation of photographers.

The book includes an introduction interview: “Talent’s Vision: a door to Unfamiliar Realities, a conversation with Francesca Marani”

FRESH EYES, link here.

bluebee Magazine Issue N. 7 Bloom

date » 19-06-2021 09:09

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At the Blue Bee Gallery, we are dedicated to supporting, showcasing and launching new and emerging artists. We carefully curate only the best pieces from artists around the world who show the biggest potential to become the next big thing.

Although the meaning of each piece is in the eye of the beholder, we tend to give the viewer interpretations of the artworks, which may help emerging art collectors to overcome the hurdle to invest in their first piece. After all, art shouldn’t be intimidating, but something you can be proud of to own and showcase in your own space.

We are an online art gallery, but run pop-up exhibitions in Europe and the Americas. This allows us to cater to a wider audience globally and bring our artists to places where people wouldn’t have heard of them before. Please join our mailing list or social media pages to keep up to date for the next event.

By working with freshly emerging artists, we are in a position to offer their art to a good price for a potentially high return on investment.

Link here.


Artdoc Magazine Issue #5 2020 - Human Stories

date » 04-05-2021 12:15

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Artdoc Magazine Issue #5 2020 - Human Stories, Gaps - link here.

Artdoc is an international online magazine dedicated to the world of photography. Here you find portfolios and interviews with photographers from around the world. On Artdoc Magazine, you also find detailed information on events like photo festivals, exhibitions, and open calls. Artdoc brings a huge list of photo books, history and theory books about photography. Moreover, on the resources page, you will find a detailed resource on all photo museums around the world, as well as major galleries, a list of photo festivals, and publishers. Artdoc is the hub for all photographers and any interested person in the most promising art medium of our time.


Phases Magazine

date » 03-04-2021 22:16

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Hot Zone, Phases Magazine - link here.

Fisheye Magazine

date » 07-01-2021 21:53

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Alice in Quarantine, Fisheye Magazine - Interview (EN - FR)


Paradise Magazine California - Issue#3

date » 08-01-2021 10:20

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Paradise Magazine California printed Issue#3, Gaps

Shop here.



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NTSH is a printed magazine led by Francesco Jodice that includes NABA MA in Photography and Visual Design student's research work.



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