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Manifesting Floating Islands, manifesting the materialization of utopia, legitimizing it through photography. "Manifestation" in Italian has a political meaning (it also means demonstration) and synthesizes the project's dual soul. The posters evoke a politicized dimension, but simultaneously, the desire to manifest something that does not exist leads back to a spiritual meaning of utopia.

What form could a utopia take if not that of a floating island? The 1960s saw the emergence of the most intriguing utopias, communities, independent states and the possibility of creating, as in the case of Giorgio Rosa's Isola Delle Rose, alternative living structures and models of society. This collection of imaginary visual documents represents the attempts, dating back to the 1960s, of the citizens of Castrignanode' Greci to witness the existence of their floating island, a personal utopia. These islands are never the same and are always different depending on the personality of those who photograph them.

While the posters are manifestos of independence of a free zone, the fake Polaroids and archive images represent the concretisation of the personal utopia of the citizens of Castrignano.


Inaugurated on 6 May, 7.00 pm, Parla del tuo Villaggio [3], in its third exhibition, at KORA - Centro del Contemporaneo, in the spaces of the Palazzo Baronale De Gualtieriis in Castrignano de' Greci. The exhibition, curated by Paolo Mele and Claudio Zecchi, is the last of three installations that took place over the course of the year. Intended to investigate the theme of living, it develops an articulated vision through a plural body of voices in different formats including masterclasses, talks, projections and performances.While the title of the exhibition is inspired by the work of Bianco-Valente, there are two texts that structure its theoretical basis: Utopie realizzabili (1974) by Yona Friedman and Aldilà delle isole galleggianti (1985) by Eugenio Barba, which intend to investigate the possible utopian thrust that resides in small groups, in "marginal movements" and in the strength of collective (or collectively activated) work.
The artists involved in the third and final installation, Debora Delmar, Gianni Pettena and the artists taking part in the Default 22 masterclass entitled Floating Island, integrate and reinforce through play and visual deception that utopian dimension that takes its starting point precisely from Friedman's text.
Gianni Pettena's work in particular, which closes the exhibition, opens up through the body an effect of working space played out between the real and the imaginary.
In fact, the figure descending towards the river and then disappearing into it produces elements of the imaginary by forcing attention and awareness of the space to the point of giving it a physicality that for the observer takes on the same value as the elements of a real context.
The exhibition will be open until 25 June 2023.

Artists in the exhibition:

Bianco-Valente, Ruth Beraha, Carlos Casas, Debora Delmar, Collective Default22, Alessandra Eramo, Roberto Fassone, Riccardo Giacconi, Gianni Pettena, Ugo La Pietra.
Manifesting Floating Islands  | KORA Centro del Contemporaneo
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