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THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 XL - Winners

date » 15-12-2021 23:46

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The edition 2022 is unique for the Rotterdam Photo. Due to several postponements and cancellations caused by the COVID-19 spread, for the first time, the festival has two themes at the same time - PLANET HUMAN X THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT.

All photographers from Rotterdam Photo 2021 edition (PLANET HUMAN theme) and photographers from Rotterdam Photo 2022 edition (THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT theme) will become part of the new Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL edition.

From a broad range of submissions, the selection commission selected over 50 photographers to exhibit their work, based on the theme THE HUMAN BLUEPRINT.

We are extremely happy to announce the selected photographers for the Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL edition:

Marcus Reistad @marcus.reistad
Gregor Kallina @gregor_kallina
Nicola Jafrate @nickcave6
Cláudio Cruz @claudiocruz
Hanne Van Assche @hanne.vanassche
Monika Kozub @berlinboudoir
William Finn-Gornall @photo.grafinn
Daniela Rivera Antara @d.rivera.a
Emilio Chiofalo @emiliochiofalo
Katie McCraw @katiemccraw
Zhouzhe Jiang
Paul Railton @paulrailton
Joar Vestergren @joarvn
Claudia Fuggetti @lafugg
Fabian Weiss @fabianweiss
Vivian Ammerlaan @vivian_ammerlaan
Satomi Blair + CG Foisy @4hawkprod
Marco Guenzi
Yogan Müller @yoganmullerstudio
Elena de la Rúa @elena.delarua
Fiona Klenke @fionafotokunst
Toru Ukai
Nick Verhaeghe @nick.verhaeghe
Lucie Hodiesne Darras @lucie_hodiesne_darras
Jacinta Giles @jacintagiles
Zhishu Yang @suzyyung_
Scott Rossi @scottrossii
Hoang Trung Thuy
Sophie Byerley @_sb_studio_
Sarah Grethe @sarahgrethe
Bruno Oliveira @brunospoetry
Sebastian Rogowski @sebowy1
Konstantin Weber @weber_konstantin
Peter Rieser @rieserpeter


2021 Graduate Zine - The Pupil Sphere

date » 24-11-2021 16:37

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tags » 2021 Graduate Zine, The Pupil Sphere,

The Pupil Sphere is excited to announce the 2021 Graduate Zine ‘2021’ is open for pre-orders.

In July 2021, we presented a fresh online exhibition from a 55 contemporary photography graduates from around the world. The outstanding level of the work showcased was testament to photography’s ability to adapt and triumph even in the most difficult circumstances.

Presented in a collaborative manner, 2021 brings together this work as a collection of carefully curated images to showcase some of the best photography graduates of the year. Opposing the traditional degree show catalogue, 2021 allows the images to discuss the themes, recurrences and moods from a diverse range of photographers.

Edition of 50


63 pages

*Please note if shipping outside of the UK an additional postage cost will apply. Please email The Pupil Sphere Team to purchase. Plus, due to the Christmas period delays to shipping may occur. Please contact us on for more information.

Shop here.


Edition365 Private View

date » 23-11-2021 16:32

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tags » Edition365 Private View, Claudia Fuggetti,

Welcome to Edition 365: a portrait of the year that changed everything. Join us for a guided view of the digital exhibition.

About this event
From 1854 and British Journal of Photography, in collaboration with New Art City and OpenSea, you are entering one of the most immersive virtual exhibitions ever created, for the metaverse.
Join us as the team behind the vast and immersive digital exhibition speak through the work and curation that has resulted in a time-capsule of the year that changed everything.
All work shown throughout this exhibition was created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organization officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.
Simply enter the exhibition via the link provided during this time to take part in our immersive private view.
Though this exhibition is available on both mobile and tablet, we suggest using desktop for the best experience.


Edition365 Winners - British Journal of Photography

date » 09-11-2021 13:59

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tags » Edition365 Winners, British Journal of Photography, Claudia Fuggetti,

From 1854 and British Journal of Photography in collaboration with New Art City, welcome to Edition365: a portrait of the year that changed everything.

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in March 2020, all of humanity has shared – and documented – an extraordinary experience. History has unfurled in front of our eyes; cracks in our systems have been magnified, and across oceans and borders, ways of thinking, acting and existing remain in flux.

Uniting the voices of renowned photographers, emerging artists and everyday people alike, Edition365 is a vast and immersive digital exhibition. All of the work was created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organisation officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.

Traversing tales of love, loss, hope, solidarity – humankind’s collective will to resist, persist and rebuild – the exhibition is among the most ambitious New Art City has ever attempted: a once-in-a-century photography collection, conceived to stand as a historical reference for decades to come.

Link here.

OD Photo Prize 2021 | Open Doors Gallery

date » 04-11-2021 16:01

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tags » Open Doors Gallery, Photo Prize 2021,

Our Jury were so impressed by the quality and diversity of the projects submitted this year. We believe this is testament to a growing pool of global talent who demonstrate a high level of dedication and passion for photography.

Link here.


Photo Open Up 2021

date » 13-09-2021 19:02

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tags » Photo Open Up, 2021, Nexus,

NEXUS è una mostra curata a partire da una open call per studenti di triennale e master laureatisi nel 2020 e nel 2021 che restituisce la vivacità della scena creativa londinese.
La mostra è divisa in tre ‘stanze’ tematiche (identità, realtà e spazio/luogo) dove vi sono molti punti di sovrapposizione tra di esse. Buona parte dei lavori possono rappresentare due temi, se non addirittura tutti e tre, il che enfatizza le connessioni esistenti tra tecniche, temi e soggetti apparentemente diversi fra loro.

La nostra nuova esperienza, socialmente atomizzata, ha favorito la sperimentazione ispirando gli autori a considerare le metafore del loro immediato come un mezzo per rappresentare soggetti che potrebbero non essere accessibili in un senso fotografico tradizionale.
Le interpretazioni della realtà attraversano le opere, e la messa in discussione delle norme culturali, delle gerarchie sociali e di una serie di fenomeni che, per quanto prevalenti, possono essere difficili da raffigurare, ricorrono spesso nei lavori eseguiti dagli autori in questo periodo.

Gli ultimi 18 mesi sono stati un intenso periodo di auto-riflessione, provocato dalle limitazioni sugli spostamenti e dall’attivismo contro le ingiustizie sistematiche. È stato un momento in cui riconsiderare le nostre identità personali e collettive, ma anche i sistemi, gli oggetti e le ideologie che costituiscono la nostra concezione di realtà. Questa selezione vuole riflettere sia le ansietà che le opportunità di un mondo in cambiamento, presentando modi di vedere nuovi e innovativi

In mostra gli autori: Brian Bi, Matthieu Croizier, Luciana Demichelis, Claudia Fuggetti, Teodora Georgieva, Lois Cid, Wing Ka Ho, Xanthe Hutchinson, Joel Jimenez, Anna Kis-Kéry, Anton Kuehnhackl, Michaela Lahat, Hilde Maassen, Nqaba Shakes Mbolekwana, Stuart McCloskey, Tom Medwell, Moses Omeogo, Frederic Pels, Ligia Popławska, Paul Railton, Zeyuan Ren, Ana Núñez Rodríguez, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Sari Soininen, Eleonora Strano, Anna Sturgeon, Michael Swann, Harrison Tibbs, Oliver Tooke, Marcel Top, Ross Trevail, Marta Capilla Urbano, Veronica Viacava, Mandy Williams, Yumo Wu, Thomas Wynne e Yuxuan Xue.

Link here.


Analog Forever Magazine Edition 5

date » 20-09-2021 10:29

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tags » Analog Forever Magazine, Edition 5,

Analog Forever Magazine is proud to announce our fifth print publication will be published and released in late November 2021. We are excited to present to you a unique journal featuring 10 analog and experimental photographers from around the globe, each exploring various methods for using the medium we love in individual, creative ways.

Inside you will find interviews with Jessica Auer, Elizabeth Opalenik, Vanessa Marsh, and Gökhan Tanrıöver. Featured alongside them are portfolio features of Adam Chin, Beau Patrick Coulon, Christian Klant, Megan Bent, Steven Williams, and Wes Bell. This edition is a tantalizing mix of alternative process masters, emerging photojournalists, and alternative process photographers that all bring the undying spirit of analog and film photography to our doorstep with outstanding dedication to their craft.

Lastly, we couldn’t make our publication possible without the support of our sponsors. We want to thank the following companies for their support and generosity as we get ready to launch Edition 5. We are thrilled to be printing our publication with Edition One Books in Richmond, California! We are also thankful to Blue Moon Camera, CineStill Film, Freestyle Photographic Supplies, Bergen County Camera, and Photo Darkroom for being amazing supporters of Analog Forever Magazine. Thank you!

Magazine Specifications:

-8" x 10”
-150+ pages
-200+ Images
-Super Smooth Uncoated 176gsm Paper
-Soft Touch Matte Laminate Cover
-Perfect Bound
-ISBN: 978-1-7341517-3-2

Link here.


CtypeMag - Survival Vol. 5 September 2021

date » 16-09-2021 16:35

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CtypeMag - Survival Vol. 5 September 2021

Cover Photo
Claudia Fuggetti

Akkara Naktamna

Featured Artists
Anawat Petchudomsinsuk (Thailand)
Linda Zhengová (Czech Republic)
Michael Koch (Germany)
Santolo Felaco (Italy)
Makis Makris (Greece)
Claudia Fuggetti (Italy)
Jaruporn Supapinyo (Thailand)
Margarita Khatmullina (Russia)
Praepisut Peechapat (Thailand)
Tawatchai Suphanpoj (Thailand)
Thanachai Tankvaraluk (Thailand)
Wong Wei Him (Hong Kong)

Link here.



date » 11-08-2021 14:47

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Série photo d'été (1/6)
Mutations imaginaires : des mondes et merveilles
Le service photo de «Libération» met en avant le travail de 36 artistes contemporains autour du thème de la transformation. Aujourd’hui, les paysages étranges, entre réalité et fiction, de l’artiste italienne Claudia Fuggetti.

Web article here.

Paper version below:


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