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Edition365 Private View

date » 23-11-2021 16:32

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Welcome to Edition 365: a portrait of the year that changed everything. Join us for a guided view of the digital exhibition.

About this event
From 1854 and British Journal of Photography, in collaboration with New Art City and OpenSea, you are entering one of the most immersive virtual exhibitions ever created, for the metaverse.
Join us as the team behind the vast and immersive digital exhibition speak through the work and curation that has resulted in a time-capsule of the year that changed everything.
All work shown throughout this exhibition was created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organization officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.
Simply enter the exhibition via the link provided during this time to take part in our immersive private view.
Though this exhibition is available on both mobile and tablet, we suggest using desktop for the best experience.



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