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date » 31-05-2023 22:35

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In programma dal 2 giugno al 31 luglio 2023 a Taranto, Artlab Eyeland lancia ISOLA MADRE, open call aperta a tutte le artiste e artisti del territorio tarantino dal 6 al 15 maggio, con l’obiettivo di valorizzare le produzioni del tessuto artistico locale e di prossimità. Rivolgendosi ad autrici e autori residenti o con domicilio nella provincia di Taranto, l’open call vuole innescare una riflessione sul contesto culturale e creativo territoriale e aprire opportunità alle professioniste e professionisti che operano in tale contesto. ISOLA MADRE è dedicata alla promozione di talenti che sviluppano espressioni visive dell’arte contemporanea ed è aperta ai diversi linguaggi artistici: dalla pittura alla scultura, dalla fotografia al video, dall’installazione alle illustrazioni.

La giuria composta dal team di direzione artistica di Artlab Eyeland e dal team di Salgemma, partner della call, assegnerà i seguenti premi:
- una mostra all’edizione 2023 di Artlab Eyeland (Premio Isola Madre)
- una pubblicazione editoriale su uno dei canali della piattaforma Salgemma (Premio Salgemma)

Claudia Fuggetti
Serena Manca
Andrea Petrosino
Aminta Pierri

Cosimo Calabrese


OD Photo Prize 2021 | Open Doors Gallery

date » 04-11-2021 16:01

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Our Jury were so impressed by the quality and diversity of the projects submitted this year. We believe this is testament to a growing pool of global talent who demonstrate a high level of dedication and passion for photography.

Link here.


FRESH EYES 2021 - GUP Magazine

date » 03-06-2021 17:46

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The third edition of FRESH EYES invites you to discover a fresh batch of emerging talents from across the European continent. Powered by GUP Magazine, our expert jury has selected 150 new artists from a diverse array of backgrounds — freshly graduated photography students and autodidactic photographers among them — all of whom are making their first foray into the exciting world that is photography. Whether as a collector, curator, publisher, fellow artist, or simply a photography aficionado, FRESH EYES is sure to provide you a compelling, varied outlook on the state of affairs in contemporary photography today, through the eyes of this exciting new generation of photographers.

The book includes an introduction interview: “Talent’s Vision: a door to Unfamiliar Realities, a conversation with Francesca Marani”

FRESH EYES, link here.

The Censored Exhibition - Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021

date » 05-05-2021 14:57

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Copenhagen Photo Festival is the largest photo festival in the Nordic region, running on June 3-30, 2021, with more than 50 exhibitions in collaboration with galleries, museums and cultural institutions in Copenhagen and southern Sweden. Each year, 250 Danish and foreign photographers contribute, and the festival is visited by around 55.000 people. In June, photography is on the agenda under the three main pillars Framing Identity, Framing Society and Framing Vision, through exhibitions, workshops, talks, portfolio reviews and more.

Copenhagen Photo Festival focuses on development. New forms of exhibiting, new ways to use photography as well as new perspectives and emerging talents. The festival presents a programme of high quality – artistically and conceptually – building bridges between fine art and documentary photography. Copenhagen Photo Festival is for those who want to break new ground and challenge the idea of what photography is and can be, now and in the future.

The festival centre is located on Refshaleøen, an island in Copenhagen with an industrial history. The raw atmosphere has made the island a creative centre with art institutions such as Copenhagen Contemporary, Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food, theatres, and cultural events which draws an audience from the entire world. Through the festival we challenge traditional presentation methods, finding new and innovative ways to present the artists’ vision.

The festival prioritizes experimentation and sustainability in its production. We work with partners within architecture, crossing the border between in- and outside through innovative use of our established festival centre and its surrounding exhibition park.

The Censored Exhibition

The Censored Exhibition is a group show that seeks to present a contemporary selection of international fine art photography. Around 60 works produced within the past two years will be selected by an international jury based on an open call. The works will be exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival June 3-13 2021. The exhibition is part of the festival’s programme pillar Framing Vision, which focuses on the aesthetics and techniques of photographic expression.

We received a total of 380 applications from 49 countries, of which 24 artists have been selected from 15 countries by an international jury based on an open call.

This year, the jury consisted of Roderick van der Lee, Executive Director at Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam, Audrey Hoareau, Artistic Director at Photo Basel & freelance curator and Michelle Eistrup, critically acclaimed artist.

For the edition 2021 of Copenhagen Photo Festival, here are the selected artists:

Tirdad Aghakhani, IR
Steffi Drerup, DE
Sari Soininen, FI (based in UK)
Rita Puig-Serra Costa, ES
Rebecca Nadjowski, US (based in AU)
Pierre St-Arnault, CA
Nikita Teryoshin, RU (based in DE)
Nicolas Serve, FR
Nadja Ellinger, DE
Michele Spatari, IT (based in SA)
Michael C. Madsen, DK
Meredith Andrews, BM
Maria Lax, UK
Lesia Maruschak, CA
Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, FI
Imane Djamil, MA
Franziska Kaufhold, DE
Fion Hung Ching Yan, HK
Emma Sandström, SE
Claudia Fuggetti, IT
Beatrice Schuett Moumdijan, DE
Aoife Herrity, IE
Anouchka Renaud-Eck, FR
Amin Yousefi, IR


date » 07-01-2021 22:10

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Nite Clubberz, NOC SENSEI - new talents

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