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Photovogue - Melted Flowers

date » 19-02-2024 20:25

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Fotografiska Features

date » 23-01-2024 19:19

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"In her series Metamorphosis, the Italian photographer and visual artist Claudia Fuggetti invites the viewer to consider nature as a living, breathing being—not simply the elements that surround us, but something that lives in harmony with us humans.  

Using bright, neon colors and psychedelic imagery, the world Fuggetti depicts in her work is purposefully alien, like a landscape of a faraway planet. It's a world where humanity's presence is felt but not seen, creating something that is strange yet familiar. Exploring themes of technology, futurism, and environmental collapse, Fuggetti shows us a future that is equal parts fantasy and realism." 


IPA - The International Photo Awards

date » 23-09-2023 11:23

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Artlab Eyeland

date » 31-05-2023 22:35

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In programma dal 2 giugno al 31 luglio 2023 a Taranto, Artlab Eyeland lancia ISOLA MADRE, open call aperta a tutte le artiste e artisti del territorio tarantino dal 6 al 15 maggio, con l’obiettivo di valorizzare le produzioni del tessuto artistico locale e di prossimità. Rivolgendosi ad autrici e autori residenti o con domicilio nella provincia di Taranto, l’open call vuole innescare una riflessione sul contesto culturale e creativo territoriale e aprire opportunità alle professioniste e professionisti che operano in tale contesto. ISOLA MADRE è dedicata alla promozione di talenti che sviluppano espressioni visive dell’arte contemporanea ed è aperta ai diversi linguaggi artistici: dalla pittura alla scultura, dalla fotografia al video, dall’installazione alle illustrazioni.

La giuria composta dal team di direzione artistica di Artlab Eyeland e dal team di Salgemma, partner della call, assegnerà i seguenti premi:
- una mostra all’edizione 2023 di Artlab Eyeland (Premio Isola Madre)
- una pubblicazione editoriale su uno dei canali della piattaforma Salgemma (Premio Salgemma)

Claudia Fuggetti
Serena Manca
Andrea Petrosino
Aminta Pierri

Cosimo Calabrese


Der Greif - Artist Feature Artist Blog

date » 07-04-2023 15:11

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Hot Zone
Artist Feature of Claudia Fuggetti
Apr 05, 2023
The discovery of the brain area where dreams are generated is relatively recent; it is located precisely above the nape and is called the “hot zone”. Hot Zone documents the unfolding of a lucid dream, placing the viewer in the balance between fiction and reality, in which photography becomes proof of its existence.

I started this new work at a complicated time in my life, at the end of 2019, I was suffering from insomnia, and I was very anxious about the future, with the fate of human beings and the environment seriously compromised. Dreams began to merge with reality, becoming images. From that moment, my obsession was to reproduce what I saw during my sleeping hours, noting details and trying to recreate them visually.

The images on a subconscious layer are transformed into a visual journey in which visions, flashbacks and hallucinations connect, giving rise to new space-time dimensions and psychedelic worlds. The relationship between landscape and nature is complex: real places have been altered through digital painting interventions. They seem to come from alien planets, taking on unusual colors and becoming a mirror of human tension towards the future of the Earth.

Beauty hides restlessness: “I had a dream, which was not all a dream.” - Lord Byron.

Hot Zone becomes an actual dimension, bringing to life what is usually destined to be lost after each awakening. The contribution of artificial intelligence can help overcome the human limit of memory. Within the project are images (square format) of documentation produced by a neural network I created.

New Post Photography Award - MIA Fair

date » 29-03-2023 13:29

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MIA Fair 2023

La giuria, composta da Gigliola Foschi (curatrice del Premio), Franco Carlisi (direttore della rivista “Gente di Fotografia”), Claudio Composti (curatore e direttore artistico di mc2 gallery), Daniele De Luigi (curatore della Fondazione Modena Arti Visive e del premio “Giovane Fotografia Italiana” per il Festival Fotografia Europea di Reggio Emilia), Sebastiano Leddi (fondatore di Perimetro magazine) e Carlo Sala (critico d’arte, curatore del Premio Francesco Fabbri per le arti contemporanee e del Festival Photo Open Up di Padova) ha selezionato:

Enrico Bedolo, Katerina Belkina, Lidia Bianchi, Alessandra Calò, Collettivo Foto Marvellini, Noemi Comi, Flavio Di Renzo, Chiara Ernandes, Claudia Fuggetti, Silvia Gaffurini, Giulia Lippens, Francesca Loprieno, Arianna Pace, Mara Palena, Patricio Reig, Marco Rigamonti


Meta_Contra_Verse - GESTE Paris

date » 27-10-2022 20:08

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GESTE Paris is very pleased to announce the jury selection for the 2022 Open Call

Single Image Winners: Bart Krozelek, Alvin Ng, Jurgis Peters and Adam Starr

Single Image Shortlist: Anna66 Andrzejewska, Cristobal Ascencio, B. Bogart, Polina S., Synchrodogs and Mouneb Taim

Video / Moving Image Winners: Benjamin Freedman and Claudia Fuggetti

Video / Moving Image Shortlist: Nero Cosmos, Marte Hodne Haugen, Flavia Souza, Alex Verhaest, Ernest Wu and Charlotte Yao


PhMuseum Days 2022

date » 23-06-2022 15:14

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After the great success of the first edition, our International Photo Festival is back from 23 September to 2 October 2022 in Bologna, Italy. With this open call you can become part of it and claim your free daily pass to come to visit us.

The theme of this edition is Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow, meant as an occasion to reflect on the strong moment of change we are living. The eternal return of history; the need to live the present while recognizing the power of actions and how the future depends on our decisions today; the different points of view we share and the speculative interpretation of reality.

There are many angles to interpret this theme. This is why we invite you to send yours and join this open call that represents the main channel through which become part of our festival. We are selecting indeed at least 3 works for individual shows, up to 40 images for a collective installation, and up to 20 projects for the projections. Plus, as an applicant you can claim your free daily pass to attend the festival!

We look forward to reviewing your applications - together with a jury comprising photographers who were the protagonist of last year's edition - and to welcoming you to Bologna this September.

Inside Art n. 125

date » 21-07-2022 15:39

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Link here.

Il nuovo numero di Inside Art è arrivato in redazione. Dentro uno speciale su Patrick Tuttofuoco e un focus dedicato alla cultura LGBTQIA+. L’immagine in cover è di Claudia Fuggetti

Arriva l’estate e con il caldo anche l’ultimo numero di Inside Art, il #125, che tra pochi giorni troverete in libreria (qui dove trovarci) e in alcuni luoghi ”di culto” dell’arte contemporanea, come i bookshop della Biennale di Venezia, oltre che ovviamente su Amazon e tramite i nostri abbonamenti.


Resources:2.0 - Fotofestival Lenzburg

date » 02-07-2022 00:46

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Winning Pictures Open Call – Single Images 2022
Venue: historical center of Lenzburg
We are delighted to announce the selected photographs, winner of the of Open Call re:sources 2.0, category single images, for the group exhibition in the window-shops, in the city centre of Lenzburg, at the Fotofestival Lenzburg 2022.
Thanks to the generous participation of 37 shops and bars in Lenzburg, visitors will be able to view 65 selected images on the resources theme, submitted by photographers from Switzerland and many countries around the world.
The Public Prize is sponsored by SWL AG.
Through an SMS with the code of the photograph – available in the caption in the shops – visitors to the centre will be able to decide to whom the Public Prize, worth 1000 CHF, will be awarded. The prizegiving will take place during the Finissage’s ceremony on October 2nd, 2022.
Here you see a small selection of the images. Visit Lenzburg to see the entire exhibition!

Link here.


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