claudia fuggetti

Social media has drastically changed the way pictures are disseminated and especially how they are perceived. Sediment is a 2018 project made as a critical act against the compulsive consumption of pictures. Television, the Internet, but especially social media, lead us to observe thousands of images every day in an obsessive way, ending up overlapping in the mind of the viewer, without ever settling there permanently.

However, the immateriality of this world is reflected in a process of continuous turnover and archiving. The sediments that reach us in the form of lines, shapes and colours seem to take on a new appearance. The viewer is led to losing contact with reality, reaching a pure abstract dimension of chaos. In this project, I investigate on a perceptual level only what remains, through a process of fragmentation and abstraction.

My visual archive becomes mental patterns through an experimental post-production process. This process generates something new and unexpected, in which nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed. 


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