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The Bestselected Book Vol. IV

date » 04-05-2021 16:05

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THE BESTSELECTED BOOK VOL. IV - Nite Clubberz, Open Call Winner.
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Here we are at the fourth volume of the Bestselected Book. It is always a great pleasure to have collected on paper, in these years, 338 stunning pictures, which are products and expressions of authors whose aim is to communicate their own voice of what photography is in the contemporary world.

Year after year, the Bestselected Book tries to choose, with careful selection, authors who offer a valuable and artistically interesting representation of how photography is being expressed today.

This fourth volume highlights the terrible year of 2020: the year of COVID-19 and the pandemic. It is absolutely normal and even necessary that it does so. The year when the world came to a standstill in an extraordinary and unthinkable way.

Despite everything photography is still alive and represents an anchor of salvation for many people. It is an escape into another dimension, in a salvific place for the heart and mind.

The book opens with some emblematic pictures which tell this worldwide and epochal tragedy, which has been lived and experienced by all. Page after page, proceeds to celebrate the desire to live that gives the strength to resist and react by moving forward. The 89 extraordinary pictures thus speak of everything that allow us to still have faith in the near future. Life itself is still beating very fast and this book idealistically represent the pulse and the benevolent wish for the times ahead.

Despite the tragedies, human beings constantly continue to express themselves, in all the allowed forms. Art and photography are voices that we will continue to hear because they are unforgettable traces of existence of the man in this world and in the entire universe.


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